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We are Business & Tech Centered.

Our Vision

We envisage providing a leading model in Business & Technology consulting that is agile and sustainable.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to support small business emerge and grow across the globe. Through our business coaching and business development model, we transform business thoughts & ideas to practical existing establishments.

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Our Company History

Company History

Since 2012 Mr. Keith Ajeh founder & CEO of ABS Solutions Inc. has always been inspired by the Niche of small businesses that struggle to manage from their day-to-day operations through their back-end activities. This has been a very difficult task for most businesses, hence hindering their growth and ability to maximize their output and productivity.

Therefore, ABS has been able to design a standard business model and theme called – “Leave Worry Behind” – implying that these businesses no longer have to worry about the following;

  1. Business set-up phase,
  2. Accounting cycle process,
  3. Information Technology and Communications needs.

We now render these services at a relatively competitive and affordable cost. As the economics phrase – “Division of labor & Specialization” entails, a business can boost its productivity if it focuses on generating profitable leads to increase cash flow, while WE focus on  making sure they have a smooth process and system in place in order to give them plenty of time to leverage towards generating more business leads.

ABS model has been designed to guide startups from set-up through operational phase. It is our vision to support emerging businesses in our community to grow as they struggle to transform their ideas from thoughts to effective realization.

We believe everyone loves to enjoy the freedom of owning their own business and become their own boss, however only a few are willing to roll their sleeves and face the challenge of realizing this dream.

It is for this reason that ABS, is here to make this transition as smooth as possible for you, if you allow us to shoulder your burdens in the process. Let us crunch the numbers, establish a system, and recommend the right tools, while you focus on growing your bank account.

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ABS Objectives

  1. Establish a proven system that works per the requirement of every single type of business.
  2. Identify and recommend avenues to increase revenue and cash flow within your business.
  3. Manage IT environment to support business operations and also recommends tools to enhance business and increase productivity.
  4. Manage/Support entire accounting cycle process which involves; bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable processing, Accounts Payable processing, General Ledger, Check Run, Bank Reconciliation & Payroll.
  5. Analyze the financial statements periodically to monitor financial health of your business and make recommendations for best practices to increase cash flow.
  6. We equally provide training and support on the usage of accounting tools such as QuickBooks for businesses that want to manage their own environment by themselves.

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